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Scanner Recorder, or in short, Scanrec is a user-friendly audio recording application intended for capturing conversations and any other input sound and save it locally to WAV format.
Using the application shouldn't be difficult for any user, since all the options are clear and accessible. The GUI is pretty simple and easy to get accustomed with, comprising a few configuration settings and control buttons, along with the waveform representation of the recording.
Starting a new session requires you to specify the compression format and the recording attributes. Scanner Recorder can record signals as pulse-code modulation (PCM) streams, Microsoft or IMA ADPCM (adaptive differential) or GSM signals, with different attributes regarding frequency, channel type and bitrate.
You can adjust the volume threshold and the silence delay. This allows you to set a minimum sound level that the application must hear in order to activate recording. Sounds above the squelch are displayed in orange, while the ones below the threshold are green. The VOX control function helps you save storage space when no sound is detected.
Scanner Recorder features DC offset correction and anti-clipping functionality, which means that it can be set to avoid clipping off the very beginning of a session, when the application might record a sound similar to squelching.
You can view the elapsed and the recording time within the main window, along with the remaining free storage space. All operations are logged to a text file for later reference.
Scanner Recorder can be used for recording practically anything from music and radio streams to dictated text. It is easy to configure and intuitive enough to have beginners use it without facing significant difficulties.


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Scanner Recorder is a free program that allows you to record sound from your computer’s microphone to WAV format with great quality. The application comes with all its features and can be used for capturing conversations as well as many other inputs.

With a few mouse clicks, you will be able to adjust the characteristics of your recording. You can choose between 8 different channels (FM, AM, UM, GSM, WLAN, VoIP, PCM/ADPCM and GSM) and set its frequency and bit rate.
You can also choose between two different encodings: Microsoft PCM and IMA ADPCM. Using the latter is very efficient, but you need a sound card with a hardware loopback feature.
With its FFT spectrum analyzer, you can view how your recording is shaping up with the “equalizer”. You can also adjust the volume threshold, and there are some VOX settings that might come in handy if the application detects no sound at the beginning of a session.
To save your recordings, you can choose between the WAV and MP3 format. The latter is better to use for saving recordings that are not too big.
If you want to create a queue, you can choose the option with a red dot. The application will give you the number of slots you can record in and also display the total elapsed time of the recordings so far.
Scanner Recorder supports variable bit rates and thus you can set your recording settings. Choose between 32, 64, 96, 128, 192, 256 or 384 kbps.
Scanner Recorder is a nice and intuitive application that is extremely easy to use. There are no unnecessary menus, but you can always access the configuration options using the “Help” button. Scanner Recorder also saves all your recordings to a text file.
Scanner Recorder is a free program that allows you to record sound from your computer’s microphone to WAV format with great quality. The application comes with all its features and can be used for capturing conversations as well as many other inputs.

With a few mouse clicks, you will be able to adjust the characteristics of your recording. You can choose between 8 different channels (FM, AM, UM, GSM, WLAN, VoIP, PCM/ADPCM and GSM) and set its frequency and bit rate.
You can also choose between two different encodings: Microsoft PCM and IMA ADPCM. Using the latter is

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Scanner Recorder Registration Code

Scanner Recorder is a simple yet very capable application that can record live streams from radios and music players, capture conversations and dictations, or simply record the silence around you.
Unlike many other applications for audio recording, Scanner Recorder uses a completely different method of capturing sound and converts it to a compact PCM audio format, just like your internal sound card. This makes Scanner Recorder ideal for using it with a wide range of devices such as MP3 players, portable digital audio players, mobile phones, network connections and even computer microphones.
Another advantage is that the recordings are stored in local WAV files, which means that you can immediately export the recordings to audio editing software like Audacity for further editing.
Using Scanner Recorder is even simpler than most audio recording applications since all options and settings are clearly visible. It is intuitive and does not require any training or complex configuration. In addition, Scanner Recorder allows you to save your recordings in a variety of formats including WAV, MP3, GSM, ADPCM or PCM.
Capture devices can be set to start a new recording automatically if a sound louder than the recorded threshold level is detected, and to stop a recording automatically if there is no sound detected for a pre-configured length of time.
The recording’s volume can be controlled by means of a slider, which you can move to adjust the recorded volume in case your sound system is not very sensitive. There is also a frequency equalization section, with options for treble, bass, mid and low frequency.
DC offset correction can be enabled or disabled, and clipping is allowed or not. This feature can help you avoid sound wave distortions when your sound card is not able to record the entire range of signals. If enabled, an anti-clipping level is set so that the beginning of a recording will not be distorted.
Another useful option is the ability to set a minimum sound level that must be present for recording to begin, which helps avoid missing a sound if your microphone is not capable of capturing every kind of sound.
Because there is no button for pausing or stopping the recording, you can temporarily stop the recording and set it to record again in a matter of seconds.
The recorder includes a simple to use settings section and a detailed log.
Minimum System Requirements:
This program requires Mac OS X 10.6 or later.
Mac OS X Software Updates Available:
– OS X 10.6 or later
– OS X 10.

What’s New In Scanner Recorder?

Ease of use – PC users will find ScanRecoder helpful and intuitive to use
Simple and efficient usage – No more messy mixer window!
Recognize silent periods – Silence is recorded
Make it automatic – Record whatever you say
Apply different compressions – PCM, ADPCM, GSM
Create different types of files – MP3, WAV, AIFF
Support voices – A+V (from the box) and voice files (MP3, AIFF, WAV)
Support sample rates – 8 kHz (AIFF only)
Support bit rates – 8, 11.025, 12, 16, 22.050 and 24 kHz
Support channels – Mono (but can record stereo)
Save time – Quickly record every now and then
All features are listed in a tabbed interface – easy navigation
Free to use
All the source code can be found in the file
What's New in This Version:
– Minor bug fixes
System Requirements:
Windows XP or later
Additional Info:
# The included zip file includes the current version of ScanRecoder 1.0.0. Please note that since file is released under the terms of the GPL license, any kind of modification or redistribution of ScanRecoder by anyone is strictly forbidden. Please download the ZIP file to get the latest version.
# The included zip file contains ScanRecoder and has no dependencies.
# The included zip file is written in Visual C++ 6.0. You can compile it using the provided project files.
# ScanRecoder is released under the GPL license.
# ScanRecorder is released under the LGPL license.
# ScanRecorder can be downloaded for free from

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System Requirements For Scanner Recorder:

OS: Windows 7 (32-bit or 64-bit)
Processor: 2.8 GHz
Memory: 2 GB RAM
Graphics: DirectX 9.0-compatible video card with Shader Model 3.0 support
DirectX: Version 9.0c
Network: Broadband Internet connection
Storage: At least 6 GB available space
Sound card: DirectX-compatible sound card
Additional Notes:
Adobe Flash Player 10.3 or above and an updated version of Adobe Flash is required for this

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