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Simple Normal Mapper is intended to assist 3D computer graphicians in applying the normal mapping technique. Widely used in video games, this method can add more details and depth to a 2D image by altering the lighting in level oscillations, creating the false effect of a 3D picture.
The application is capable of processing common image file types, namely PNG, JPEG and JPG and save the generated normal map in the same formats. Its forthright approach makes it very easy to use, making us believe that it is mostly intended for beginner graphic designers.
One of its main advantages is that it enables you to view the input and the output within the same window, for comparison purposes. Along with the adjustable zoom level, this helps you preview the result and make the necessary modifications before saving the file to your computer.
The sampling radius and the height amplitude are customizable parameters whose values significantly affect the output appearance.
As mentioned above, the application is very easy to use, only requiring you to open the input file, modify the processing parameters and press the 'Render' button to view the outcome. All your actions are displayed in a dedicated 'Log' section.
On the downside, drag and drop is not supported, so you must load a file the old fashion way, using the 'Open new image' option in the 'File' menu. Another inconvenient is that you cannot process more than one picture at a time.
While it could use some enhancements, Simple Normal Mapper can prove useful to anyone who wants to normal map a 2D image. With live previewing and adjustable rendering parameters, it is worth having within reach for image processing.









Simple Normal Mapper 2.2.2 Crack+ With Serial Key PC/Windows

Simple Normal Mapper Crack Mac is a freeware application that enables you to normal map any.jpg or.png image.

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What’s New

Version 1.1

– Fixed an error that could appear in some cases, thanks to MrDabo.- Add Alt-Shift to toggle the Interpolation Quality between Easy and Moderate.- Fixed an issue that could appear when exporting an image.- Fixed an error with the newly implemented Custom preview window.

What’s new in v1.0.4:
– The new version has new textures, ranging from 0 to 100%, that can be used to brighten and/or make the effects more visible in the final output.
– The generated texture can be applied on any image with textures, except very large images (larger than 250kb).
– The Custom preview window, in order to allow you to check the results before saving the generated normal map.

What’s new in v1.0.3:
– The new version includes a new preview window, that allows you to preview the results before saving them.
– The Custom preview window can be accessed from the ‘Options’ dialog, in order to give you a better control of the parameters.
– The application has been updated for Windows 7 64bits.
– The new version has a new skin, that is more colored than the old one.
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Simple Normal Mapper 2.2.2 Crack+ With License Key For PC

The application was created to provide a simple interface for 3D Computer Graphic designers. The application allows you to enter a file name that you want to normal map and renders the result inside a nice editor that you can use to view the input and the output inside the same window, for comparison purposes. The application works in both 2D and 3D modes.

To use the “Render” feature, you need to double-click the file that you want to normal map. If you want to select a range of pixels, you need to first select the Crop area and then drag your mouse across the region that you want to normal map.
As soon as the image is loaded, you can use the toolbar to adjust the input parameters (Radius, Amplitude and Sampling radius), the rendering parameters (Amount of colours and the amount of occlusion) and the output format (saving as PNG, JPEG or JPG). The application will show you all the modifications you make to the input file, as well as the output. Also, the application will keep track of all your inputs, outputs and images.
If you want to normal map the image inside the 3D mode, you need to select an already existing cube inside the scene, and you’ll be taken to the 3D view. The same is true for the 2D mode. If you want to use a non-existent cube, you’ll be taken to the 2D view and the normal mapping process will start.
When the normal mapping is complete, you can select the ‘Render’ option on the toolbar. This feature will render the result and display it in a nice editor. Using this, you can preview the input and the output inside the same window, for comparison purposes. The preview features the color schemes and the sizes of the rendered and input images, along with the rendering settings that you have chosen. You can even customize the preview window itself.
Using the preview feature, you can also do the following:
1) Change the values of the input parameters and preview the result.
2) Compare the input and output images.
3) Apply the rendering settings that you have chosen to the preview window and preview the result.
The application will keep track of all the images and outputs that you create. It will display the information about all the images that you have loaded, along with the output parameters, such as the amount of colours and the amount of occlusion. You can access all the information about the various objects and images,

Simple Normal Mapper 2.2.2 License Key [Latest]

The application offers many useful tools such as the ‘Settings’, ‘Zoom’, ‘Start’ and ‘Help’ buttons. They are all grouped in a dedicated ‘Controls’ panel.

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