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If we compare video games produced 10 years ago and modern games, you will realize a significant difference between their technical and visual capability. Every year, the video game industry produces hundreds of upgraded games that are in tune with the times. Designers try to create a satisfying and pleasurable user experience through good user interfaces and design practices. Heroes and landscapes become more realistic from year to year. Plus, game websites are created and upgraded along with video games. In this article, we will describe our Gaming Website in-depth and introduce many new games which are currently released all over the world.

Categories of gaming websites

There is a big variety of game promotion models, as well as huge amounts of video games in the game industry. Almost every video game has its own website, which in turn are diverse. We outlined three main categories and choose good examples. Here they are:

  • Action
  • Fighting
  • Adventure
  • Third Person Shooting Games
  • Wrestling
  • Mini Games
  • Sports
  • UFC
  • Shooting
  • Racing
  • Entertainment

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